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What People Are Saying

“The flow of the newsletter is super awesome and the length is optimized for phone. Most of it is an unwritten rule book filled with insights from interesting people who might not be sharing them socially.”

Sanketh Y S

“Good edition this week. This is perhaps the only HR-related stuff I can actually digest.”

Shashwat Mohanty

“I like the anecdotes flowing in between, gives heft.”

Sachin Mishra

“Wanted to personally appreciate the effort on the newsletter. I loved all the editions till now! You're doing great work!”


“I just read your blog on "Is 4-Day Workweek feasible in India?" and found it really commendable. It's so well written and covers a lot of different perspectives. Keep up the great work.

P.S. The 100-80-100 model analogy in the article would stick with me for a long time.”

Harshita Jain

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