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Hi folks! Mariam Mushtaq here from HR Brain Pickings - I love when the 1st of the month falls on a Monday. It’s like hitting the reset button! 🔘 

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⭐ Session 1 | Forget about Use Cases: Focus on Establishing HR’s AI-Readiness. In this session, Kevin Martin will share insights from i4cp's study on how HR can transition from AI Laggards to AI Innovators.

⭐ Session 2 | Panel Discussion | AI Red-Teaming - The Way Towards an AI-led Future of Work. In this session, panelists Noelle R., Kait Rohlfing, and Diane Sadowski-Joseph will discuss practical strategies for integrating AI Red-Teaming into their workflows while maintaining ethical standards.

⭐ Session 3 | Integrating AI to Enhance Employee Wellbeing and Mental Health. Using AI for employee well-being can be tricky. In this session, Stacie Baird will discuss how AI can be used to improve employee well-being and mental health in the workplace.

Feedback Touchpoints 🎯 

We have been slowly but surely shifting away from the traditional concept of employee engagement to a more inclusive and broader concept of employee experience. 💫 

How can we address this shift? 🤔 

One way to start is by creating feedback touchpoints within your employees’ lifecycle. Communication with your employees begins long before they are hired and onboarded, making it essential to adopt an “always-on feedback” approach. 🟢 

This approach also helps you stay aware of employee sentiments, allowing you to identify and fix any improvements.  

🧑‍💼 Let’s follow the journey of Sarah, a candidate looking for a job, to see how these touchpoints work in practice. ➡️ 

  1. 🔍 Recruitment and Hiring: Sarah is actively looking for a new marketing position. She comes across a job posting at your company. The language used in the job ad is inclusive and welcoming which encourages her to apply.

🎯 Feedback Touchpoints: Post-interview feedback, Candidate Experience Survey

  1. 🗣️ Interview Process: During her interview, Sarah feels comfortable and engaged. She provides feedback on the interview process, which helps HR refine the approach for future candidates.

🎯 Feedback Touchpoints: Interview Experience Feedback

  1. 🤝 Pre-Boarding: Sarah is thrilled to receive an offer and accepts the position. Before her first day, she receives a pre-boarding package that includes welcome messages from her future colleagues and a guide to the company culture and values.

🎯 Feedback Touchpoints: Pre-Boarding Feedback Survey

  1. 👋 Onboarding and Orientation: After completing her onboarding, Sarah provides feedback through an Onboarding Experience Survey and participates in New Hire Check-Ins. This feedback helps HR understand the effectiveness of the onboarding process and identify areas for improvement, ensuring future hires have an even smoother transition.

🎯 Feedback Touchpoints: Onboarding Experience Survey, New Hire Check-Ins

  1. 📚 Training and Development: As Sarah settles into her role, she attends several training sessions to enhance her skills. After each session, she provides Post-Training Feedback, which helps HR assess the effectiveness of the training programs.

🎯 Feedback Touchpoints: Post-Training Feedback

  1. 🧑‍💼 Ongoing Employment: Sarah's journey continues with regular touchpoints such as Continuous Performance Reviews, Employee Engagement Surveys, and 360 Feedback.

🎯 Feedback Touchpoints: Continuous Performance Reviews, Employee Engagement Surveys, 360 Feedback

  1. 🔄 Role Transitions: A year into her role, Sarah is promoted to a managerial position. She participates in Career Pathway Feedback and New Manager Check-Ins. These touchpoints provide valuable insights into her transition experience, helping HR to refine the support provided during role changes and ensuring Sarah feels confident and supported in her new managerial role.

🎯 Feedback Touchpoints: Career Pathway Feedback, New Manager Check-Ins, Managerial Performance Reviews

  1. 🚪Exit Process: After several successful years with the company, Sarah decides to pursue a new opportunity. During her exit process, she completes an Exit Interview and an Offboarding Survey. This feedback helps HR understand the reasons behind her departure, identify any underlying issues within the organization, and improve retention strategies to better support and retain future employees.

🎯 Feedback Touchpoints: Exit Interviews, Offboarding Surveys

By embedding these feedback touchpoints throughout the employee lifecycle, you can ensure continuous improvement and a more engaged, satisfied workforce. 🚀

Btw here’s our curated list of HR employee survey templates to help you get started or improve your current templates!

🟢 Feedback: Always On | Free Playbook

This document was designed with the needs of HR leaders, executives, and People professionals in mind. Whether you are planning to implement a new feedback system or improve an existing one, this document will guide you through the whats, whys, and hows of building an impactful feedback culture. 🌟  

Day 18: AI Insights Daily 🔍️ 

✍️ AI-Tools Weekly Round-Up

Last week’s round up is for your frazzled nerves and mental health, for the content creator in you, and for those parts of you that are neither within nor outside work - because they are everywhere and at all times 💛

  1. Wendy - “Therapy that won't bore you” (make that 'AI Therapy')

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