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Do you currently have a pre-onboarding process for new joinees? 📝

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Featured Session: AI-Red Teaming 🔴 

Our highly anticipated mini-conference is almost here, and we’re excited to highlight one of the key sessions that you won't want to miss!

Imagine your AI as a superpower and essential employee at your company. Now imagine it malfunctioning at a critical moment. Yikes! 🤐 Join our panel of AI experts - here's what you'll discover:

  • How to expose hidden weaknesses in your AI before they become disasters. 🫣 

  • Using AI tools you can trust: Strategies for seamless human-AI collaboration. 🤝 

  • The ethical edge: Leveraging the power of AI responsibly. 🤓 

Attendees will gain insights into practical strategies for integrating AI Red-Teaming - learn from the best! 🙌 

What’s on your onboarding checklist?  

A well-thought-out checklist helps save time and ensures nothing falls through the cracks. This is crucial, considering that 20% of employees quit within the first 45 days of employment and 60% of employers do not set any milestones for new employees. 🙎 

Just handing them an employee handbook and conducting a 60-minute onboarding session is not enough.  

Here are some things that should be part of every onboarding process:

Pre-Boarding: How many times have you lost a potentially great candidate to other offers? This is why pre-boarding is super important in this highly competitive job market. Keep up and maintain a relationship with new joinees way before they join - send them a welcome package, emails about exciting benefits, and more! 🎁

Assign a Buddy: This is an underestimated part of onboarding. Not everyone may want a buddy, but having access to someone in the company who is assigned to support you can make new employees feel a lot less overwhelmed. 🙇 

Team Introduction: Another one that absolutely should not be missed, especially for remote companies - setting up an intro call. Introduce the newbie to their team and all colleagues through a virtual team meeting. This can help break the ice and make them feel at home. 🤝

Goal Setting: As stated above, 60% of employers do not set any milestones for new employees. Discussing their short-term and long-term goals, setting clear expectations, and milestones for their first 90 days can really boost retention. 🎯📅

New employees with good onboarding experiences are 18x more committed to their employer

 Career Visioning with Manager: This should ideally take place after the first month. Setting clear, long-term goals at this stage enables them to proactively work towards projected outcomes, helping them feel included, valued, empowered, and committed to the company for the long term.

Feedback Loop: Another one that is often missed - asking for feedback! Ask for their feedback on the onboarding experience to identify areas for improvement and ensure they feel heard. 📝

Remember, the goal is not only to integrate them into their role but also to make them feel like a valued part of the company. 🌟

1 in 3 HR professionals report that the quality of their onboarding was not up to standard. What's your take?

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Day 20: AI Insights Daily 🔍️ 

✍️ Last Week’s AI-Tools Round-Up

Performance management experts and enthusiasts, unite! This week’s Round-Up should catch your eye. 👀

This week we’re diving into AI innovations for performance management. Most of these names are already well known to us, and for good reason.

  1. Leapsome: provides a comprehensive platform for development, productivity, and engagement.

    Standout Feature: AI support for feedback and performance reviews, integrates seamlessly with HRIS, Slack, Teams, Calendar, and Jira.

  2. Betterworks: offers an intelligent performance management tool focusing on goals, conversations, 1:1s, feedback, and performance calibration.

    Standout Feature: .…Join our community to share your AI tool recommendations!

Today’s HR Reads for You 📚️ 

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