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We're all eager to stay updated with the latest in HR but sometimes it can get a bit much. Feeling a bit inundated with content myself, I thought we'd keep things a bit light today. 🤫 

Y’all seemed to like learning about the latest buzzwords in HR so today, let’s breeze through the top 10 making the rounds in the world of HR. 🙂

Feeling overwhelmed by all the new HR lingo? We've got you covered - let’s dive in! 👇️ 

1. Chief Remote Officer

A Chief Remote Officer, or CRO for short, is a relatively new position in the corporate world. But what do they do? They are essentially the leader responsible for a company's remote work strategy. 💻️ 

The rise of the CRO can be traced back to a confluence of factors, with the COVID-19 pandemic acting as a major catalyst. 😷 

2. Career Cushioning

Career cushioning is a strategy employees use to proactively build security in their careers. It's like creating a safety net in case things go south in their current job. 🫢 

A big driver for career cushioning is economic uncertainty. The recent events that likely contributed to the rise of the term include post pandemic layoffs and looming recession. (can we really blame them?) 🤔 

3. The Great Regret

The Great Regret refers to a situation where employees who left their jobs during the Great Resignation are now experiencing feelings of regret about their decision. 🥲 This is mainly due to difficulty in finding a new job and the shift in the job market. 📉 

With record numbers of people leaving their jobs in 2022, there were always going to be some wrong decisions made. But a 2023 US survey suggests that 8 in 10 people who quit during the "Great Resignation" now wish they hadn't. Most of those experiencing the "Great Regret" are Gen Zers, according to Paychex.

4. Quit-Tok

Also sometimes called "loud quitting", quit-tok is a social media trend where employees publicly announce their resignations on platforms like TikTok. These videos often go viral and involve:

  • Dramatic Resignation Announcements: People filming themselves quitting their jobs, sometimes directly addressing their bosses. 🫠 

  • Exposing Workplace Issues: Employees venting about negative workplace experiences that led them to quit. 🫣 

  • Hashtag Use: Videos are tagged with #QuitTok or similar hashtags to make them part of the larger trend. #️⃣ 

5. Productivity Paranoia

Productivity paranoia refers to a situation where managers feel uncertain or anxious about their employees' work ethic, even if there's no evidence to suggest a lack of productivity. They might worry that employees aren't working hard enough, even when results show otherwise. 😒

6. Proximity Bias

Proximity bias is a subconscious tendency for people in positions of power, like managers, to favor employees who are physically closer to them. This can happen in a traditional office setting or even in a hybrid work environment.

In a US study, most executives (96%) said they valued employees’ work produced in the office more than work done from home.

Annette Reavis, Chief People Officer for workplace platform Envoy, which carried out the survey, told CNBC: “Managers and employees need to be very intentional about including their peers who aren’t there in the office culture.”

7. Digital Nomads vs. Tethered Nomads:

  • Digital Nomads: Traditionally, digital nomads are location-independent workers who travel the world while they work remotely. They leverage technology to work from anywhere with a decent internet connection. 💻️ 

  • Tethered Nomads: Tethered nomads, on the other hand, choose to embrace a work-travel lifestyle, but with a geographical limitation. They typically stay within a specific region or country, often their home country, while still enjoying the flexibility of remote work. 🌐 

Overall, tethered nomadism is a growing trend within the digital nomad movement, offering a more geographically bound version of the location-independent work lifestyle.

8. Coffee Badging ☕️

A new way some folks are approaching hybrid work - basically, they swing by the office to grab a coffee ☕️ and say hi to colleagues before heading back home to work remotely.

It's a way to stay connected to the office culture and team spirit while still enjoying the flexibility of working from home. It shows how the modern workplace is evolving, with people finding their own balance between in-person interaction and remote work.

9. Anti-Perks: Not All Perks Are Created Equal

We've all seen those "cool" office perks like nap pods or “mandatory” fun events. But what if they actually make work harder for some people? That's the idea behind "Anti-Perks." 🛑 

Some of these well-intentioned perks, like free beer, might disrupt work-life balance or create an uncomfortable environment. The key takeaway? Perks should be tailored to different preferences. What one person loves, another might find distracting! 🙅 

10. 90-day rule

According to The Wall Street Journal, there's a notable recruitment trend called the "90-day rule." Recruitment experts suggest that if a new employee stays on board for the first 90 days, their likelihood of remaining with the company long-term increases significantly.

In response, companies are ramping up their onboarding efforts. Many are now pairing new hires with buddies and offering bonuses after the initial 90 days to ensure these employees feel supported and valued from the start. 🙌 

That’s a wrap for today!

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