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Mariam Mushtaq here, bringing you this week's edition of HR Brain Pickings. Grab your coffee and let’s get going! ☕️ 

In This Edition:

We're going to explore the critical role of Employee Value Proposition (EVP) in modern HR practices. Today's edition is packed with insights and data, especially from the latest Mercer Global Talent Trends Report, to help you redefine your organization's EVP to meet the evolving needs of your workforce.

How has your organization leveraged EVP to enhance employee engagement?

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Unpacking the EVP

The concept of an EVP has transformed from just-another-HR-thing to a crucial strategic asset in boosting engagement and retaining talent. 📈 

While we often tout our companies as the best places to work, it's crucial to ask: What truly sets us apart? Why should employees choose your company over others? 🤔 

A robust Employee Value Proposition (EVP) serves as the answer, distinguishing your company in a fiercely competitive job market. It helps in aligning what your company offers—be it culture, benefits, career development opportunities—with what employees value the most. 🤩 

As we tread deeper into 2024, with so many changes in the EX world, it’s clear that rethinking EVP is now a necessity.

Here are some standout statistics and strategic recommendations from the Mercer’s 2024 Global Trends report:

  • Personalization of EVP: About 51% of employees expressed a preference for more personalized rewards, reflecting a broader demand for bespoke and flexible working arrangements that cater directly to individual needs and life stages. Pssst: like EngageWith

  • Transparency and Technology: With 45% of organizations emphasizing total rewards technology, it's clear that transparency through tech solutions is becoming integral to EVP strategies.

  • Focus on Career Development and Well-being: WorkSafe Victoria highlights the emphasis on aligning EVP with career development opportunities and well-being initiatives. Their focus groups revealed that such alignment significantly boosts retention and recruitment, particularly in competitive sectors. Read the full case study in the report.


Tips for HRs | How to Enhance Your EVP with Data

  • Understand Employee Needs: Use data from employee surveys to grasp what your employees value most in their work and life. This could include flexible working conditions, career development opportunities, or wellness programs.

  • Benchmarking: Compare your EVP against competitors. What are they offering? Use industry reports and salary surveys to understand where your EVP stands and where it needs reinforcement.

  • Feedback Loop: Regularly collect and analyze feedback on your EVP. Are employees satisfied with the components? What changes are they interested in seeing?

💡 Pro Tip from the report: A strong EVP ties the company’s purpose and talent strategy to employees’ personal experience at work. Much of this comes down to fostering diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI).

Once a distinct discipline, DEI now shapes the entire workforce agenda, and it’s become even more important given AI’s potential to deepen inequities. 🙅 

Only 4% of workers say that their company’s DEI practices leave much to be desired, and 98% of HR leaders report their company’s DEI initiatives have produced concrete results over the last few years. 👏 

Bonus Resource: EVP Worksheet ✍️ 

What’s Inside: A template/worksheet that you can use to define your company’s EVP. Use this simple worksheet to articulate and communicate the unique aspects that make your organization a standout employer in today's competitive job market. 🗒️ 

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