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In This Edition:

We will pick up where we left off, and explore practical insights and actionable strategies for HR and People leaders on how to address mental health in the workplace in 2024.

What is the biggest challenge your organization faces in implementing effective mental health support in 2024?

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Tips for HRs | Insights from 2024 Research

It's becoming increasingly clear from this year's research: the old tools for addressing mental health challenges at work just don’t cut it anymore. 🙅‍♂️

Here’s the thing—we can hand out hundreds of mental health resources, but if we don’t address the root causes, we’re just tackling surface level issues. 🤔 

This years’ research consistently highlights two main recurring themes:

Your employees might not trust you

We’ve seen significant growth in the ways that leaders are creating trusted environments where employees can do what they need to support their own mental health. 👏 

However, there is also research that majority of employees either don’t see this investment that companies claim to have in mental health or they are seeing a major priority shift. 🤨 

And seeing all the recent mass layoffs, why wouldn’t employees be suspicious?

Additionally, both HR leaders and CEOs are over 20% less likely to report an increase in mental health benefits during a recession in 2024 compared to 2023, and more likely to decrease these benefits during economic downturns. 😕 

Employers must tread cautiously with decisions made in challenging times. It's crucial that mental health remains a core value of the company, consistently reflected in its actions, rather than a one-off initiative. ☝️ 

To regain trust, leadership must listen to what employees say they need the company to do to protect their mental health in the workplace. Seeing action happen as a result of employee feedback is what builds trust.”

—Joe Grasso, PhD, vice president of Lyra’s Workforce Transformation team

Managers need to be part of the solution (not the problem)

Managers play a crucial role in alleviating workplace stress, acting as key allies in the mental well-being of their teams. 🌟 

It turns out, nearly one-third of managers feel they'd be ineffective or awkward in conducting supportive mental health conversations. This signals a big opportunity for organizations to empower their managers with the right training to handle these sensitive discussions confidently.

There’s clearly room for employers to train managers and help them feel more equipped to have mental health conversations. 🗣️ 

ONLY 24% of HR leaders report that mental health-specific training is mandatory for managers. Increasing this percentage is crucial for developing managers who can effectively support their teams.

Looking forward, here are a few strategies companies are prioritizing to strengthen their management teams:

  • Developing mindful managers (30%) — focusing on self-awareness and sensitivity.

  • Training to recognize signs of mental distress (29%) — crucial for early intervention.

  • Encouraging openness about mental health (29%) — fostering a culture of transparency and support.

  • Cultivating empathy and emotional intelligence (26%) — essential qualities for leaders who care.

⭐ Mental Health America (MHA) offers a list of trusted partners and resources to help employers identify the appropriate in-person, virtual, recorded, or self-guided mental health training program for their workforce. Find this list here.

Bonus Resource: Creating a Safe Space ✍️ 

What’s Inside: A dos and don’ts list for managers who want to foster a psychologically safe space for their team. Use this document as an essential resource for both new and existing managers, in addition to their daily managerial responsibilities. ☑️ 

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