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Protect your workforce (financially) 🤑 

So, employee disengagement has been on the rise. In order to address this, more companies are now focusing on employee well-being, and a huge part of that is financial well-being. 💼💰

81% of US workers surveyed said their current wage hasn’t kept pace with the cost of living

But what do financial well-being benefits really look like, and how can your company stand out? 🤔 Amazon announced last July the creation of a savings program that allows employees to automatically set aside a portion of their paychecks toward an emergency fund 👏 

However, the right type of financial benefits will be specific to your employees' needs. Whether your workforce is dealing with student loans, saving for retirement, or managing day-to-day expenses, understanding these needs is crucial.

Let’s look at a few different strategies companies are adopting to address employee financial wellbeing. ⤵️ 

💰️ Emergency Savings Benefits: Automatic paycheck deposits into an emergency fund and more frequent access to earnings can be game-changers for employees. A recent regulatory change may encourage the adoption of a similar solution: PLESA (Paycheck Linked Emergency Savings Accounts)

PLESAs are short-term savings accounts that can be maintained as part of a retirement savings plan, such as a 401(k) plan, according to a U.S. Department of Labor press release. “I think employers are going to look at [PLESAs] strongly, and we may start to see implementation in 2025,”

🤑 Student Loan Repayment Assistance: A new regulation in 2024 (Secure Act 2.0) allows employees to receive employer matching contributions for their student loan payments — even if they aren't contributing directly to the retirement plan themselves. It's a win-win for both employees managing their student debt and employers looking to boost financial well-being benefits. 🎓

💸 Financial Literacy Programs: The benefits of financial literacy are often underestimated, especially for a younger workforce. Hosting workshops and educational webinars on budgeting, saving for retirement, and other personal finance topics can make a huge difference. Empowering employees with financial knowledge helps them make smarter decisions and feel more secure about their future. 📚💡

💳️ Spending Accounts: Wellness accounts and flexible spending accounts (FSAs) are great perks some employers offer. These employer-sponsored accounts let employees set aside pre-tax dollars for qualified expenses, helping them save money along the way. It's a practical and appreciated benefit that can ease the financial burden on your team. 💪💵

What financial benefits does your organization offer?

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