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Do you think your current company culture encourages employees to take genuine time off?

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📢 Masterclass Alert | Is Remote Work Dead? ☠️ 

For all the CEOs, CXOs, HR and People Ops professionals reading this - this community masterclass is specially conducted by TSOW for you. 🫵 

Job van der Voort (CEO at Remote) will deep dive into an active discussion on the nuances of a remote company and how you can move past them.

Remote work gone wrong? 😢 

We’ve all done it, right? Lied about being sick, faked a doctor appointment. But now, people are taking it a step further with what's being called "quiet vacationing." This latest trend sees employees taking full-blown holidays while pretending to be at work. 👀 

According to The Harris Poll’s Out of Office Culture Report from May surveying 1,170 employed U.S. adults, 37% of millennial workers said they took time off without telling their supervisors or managers. 🤐 

Yep - cat’s out of the bag. Quiet vacationing can mean anything from traveling to a distant locale while still getting work done, or simply pretending to work by keeping your mouse moving to appear online. 🐭 Imagine responding to emails with a margarita in hand on a sunny beach instead of at your now boring old home office. Sounds idyllic, right? 🌞🍹

The Bigger Picture

The Harris Poll report also reveals that while most employees receive an adequate amount of vacation time, a significant portion hesitate to use it. 😰 

So the issue is clearly not the number of paid days off offered, but rather a work culture that discourages employees from taking them.

➡️ 61% of millennials and 58% of Gen Z, reported feeling nervous about requesting time off.

➡️ 28% of workers admitted to taking time off without informing their bosses.

➡️ Millennials are particularly into this trend, with 37% confessing to sneaking away from work.

➡️ While 83% of respondents were satisfied with their company's paid-time-off policy, 80% didn't use the maximum PTO allowed.

The main reasons cited for this hesitation include

😰 pressure to respond to work inquiries even while on vacation, and

🥲 guilt about leaving unfinished tasks behind for colleagues.

This suggests a work environment that prioritizes constant availability over employee well-being and clear delegation. 🙅 

When employees feel the need to be sneaky, it's a clear sign of a toxic work culture. The lack of genuine downtime means workers never truly recover from the stress of their jobs, likening it to running a marathon without breaks → eventually leading to burnout. 🙇 

While remote work has given us the flexibility to work from anywhere, the underlying sneakiness of quiet vacationing reflects a need for deeper changes in workplace norms. 🤔 

Quiet Sneaky vacationing may be a sign of rebellion against outdated work practices, but it's also a call for a more open, supportive, and understanding work environment. Taking a break should not be seen as a weakness but rather a necessity for long-term productivity and well-being. 🌺

What measures could your company take to encourage employees to use their PTO without guilt or fear?

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Day 15: AI Insights Daily 🔍️ 

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