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I was recently reading about the role of impactful and intentional leadership, and how it can significantly drive engagement at work. How can something intangible like leadership have a positive impact on employee engagement levels?

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Do leaders really need to participate?🤔 


The short answer: yes. If boosting employee engagement were a game, leaders would definitely be the MVPs. 🙌 Here’s why:

😇 Trustworthy Leadership: Psychologists Kim Peters and Alex Haslam found in their study “I Follow, Therefore I Lead” that leaders who actively participate with their teams earn more trust and respect. When leaders see themselves as part of the team rather than above it, it shows mutual respect.

🧑‍💼 Purpose-Driven Work: A sense of purpose is a major driver of employee engagement. However, only 22% of employees feel their leaders clearly outline the organization’s direction. According to McKinsey, “centered leadership,” can enhance engagement significantly.

Centered leadership is a modern leadership approach, focusing on 5 key dimensions: meaning, positive framing, connecting, engaging, and energizing.

➡️ This approach encourages leaders to find personal significance in their work (meaning), view challenges positively (positive framing), build strong relationships (connecting), actively engage their teams (engaging), and manage their energy effectively (energizing).

🤝 The Power of Servant Leadership: Employees are more engaged when they feel their leaders genuinely care about their well-being. Unfortunately, (saw that coming?) only 28% of employees believe their leaders are genuinely concerned about them. Servant leadership, is an approach where leaders prioritize the needs of team members and emphasizes empathy and support, above everything else.

💟 Empathy in Management: Empathy is a crucial component of effective leadership. A McKinsey study found that 89% of employees are more engaged when their leaders show genuine empathy. However, 52% believe this empathy is not authentic. Leaders who demonstrate real empathy can create a much more psychologically safe environment. (easier said than done though huh?)

🏆️ Recognition Matters: Acknowledging employees’ efforts can increase engagement by up to 40%. Yet, over 80% of employees feel they do not receive enough recognition at work. Leaders who consistently recognize their team’s contributions can foster a more motivated and engaged workforce.

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Today we cover → RAG vs Fine-tuning information in AI. What is it that you should choose and for what tasks ideally? And, above all, how does it make your AI Model better.

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