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On a slightly different note - our mini-conference is tomorrow, have you registered? 🫣 

In This Edition:

What’s the most common reason for you ghosting candidates, if you have?

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3 Things to Watch Out For | AI x HR Mini-Conference

This conference is packed with sessions to help you conquer challenges and thrive as an HR leader. Here's what you need to watch out for:

  • 🧘 Build your HR wellbeing toolkit! Get hands-on tips with AI tools and prompts to manage daily stress and build resilience as an HR leader.

  • 💪 Discover 9 key practices of AI Innovators (from i4cp research findings) to give your HR career a competitive edge.

  • 🚨 AI Gone Wrong! Dive into real-life stories of companies that failed to red team their AI, and pick up tips to avoid their mistakes.

To ghost or not to ghost 👻 

While some of us may have been victims of being ghosted by candidates, let's not forget that candidates themselves have very likely been ghosted by employers as well. 🫢 

It’s honestly a two-way problem because, after all, communication is a two-way street, isn't it? 🔛 

In the survey of 625 hiring managers, only 20% said they never ghost candidates. On the other hand, 11% said they always ghost candidates, while 22% said they frequently ghost candidates and 47% said they occasionally ghost candidates.

Well, no matter the reason or frequency of ghosting, it’s just good practice for recruiters to keep up the communication as long as needed. This sets the tone for the entire candidate experience. 🌟 

Plus, you never know when a perfect role might open up for that candidate if you hadn’t ghosted them! 🤷‍♂️

Did you know this? 🤔 

Ghost Jobs: Came across this term while researching ghosting in HR. Ghost jobs are basically fake job openings advertised by companies. These positions don't actually exist, and the company has no intention of filling them.

Why tho? There are various reasons, like wanting to seem like they're growing, meeting HR quotas, or gauging the talent pool.

What to do to avoid ghosting ☠️ 

While in a lot of cases ghosting might also be unintentional, there are still a few practices that can be put in place. 📝 

Recruiters have a LOT on their plate, and it's understandable. While ghosting might sometimes be unintentional, there are a few practices that can be put in place:

➡️ Set Expectations: Let candidates know that response times might be slow or delayed if it’s a high-volume job posting. ⌛️ 

➡️ Communication Channels: Adapt to different candidate preferences by offering text, voice notes, email, calls, etc. 📱📧

➡️ Automate Communications: Set up automated or bulk emails for situations like closing out a job posting. 📤

➡️ Use Reminders/Notifications: Set reminders to follow up or schedule them. Even if there’s no update, a simple email stating the same can be helpful. 🔔

➡️ Leverage AI Tools: Look at AI tools for recruitment that can help streamline the process further. Here’s a comprehensive tools list (scroll down to get access). 🤖

It’s important for HR leads to prioritize the candidate experience in today’s super competitive job market. No one wants to join a company known for ghosting candidates—it can honestly leave a bad taste for current employees and negatively affect a company’s reputation. 😬

Do you have additional tips that I might have missed?

we will share this with our readers in the next issue!

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Free Resource | AI Tools List 📝 

This document includes → a table that puts together Industry leaders in AI-powered solutions for recruitment.

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HR stories, experiences and frustrations 📝 

Have you ever had an employee join a reality show? If so, how did you handle it?

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